Samsung’s Galaxy S Phone vs. Galaxy Tab

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S phone and Galaxy Tab Tablet Galaxy Tab is a like a small personal…

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S phone and Galaxy Tab Tablet

Galaxy Tab is a like a small personal computer cum a Smartphone. This tablet has touch screen which is the main input device. If you compare it with S phones from Samsung then you would find it more multitasking and supports video conferencing and adobe Flash.

Display: The larger screen size of 7 inches, which is 4 inches in Galaxy S phones, allows it to get a better browsing and working experience similar to what you have while working on your computer. Galaxy S phones have super AMOLED screens but are smaller than Galaxy Tab.

Processor and RAM: S phones and Tablets have same speed processors of 1 GB each and a RAM of 512 MB.

Operating System: S phones run on Android v2.1 while tablet runs on Android 2.2 which can be upgraded to 3.0.

Memory: S phones have memory ranging from 8GB to 16 GB while Tab has 16 or 32 GB internal memory and in both, Tab and S phones, it can be expanded with the use of microSD card.

Camera: Tab has dual cameras while some of the S phones may have dual while other may have just 1 camera. Tab has 3.2 MP rear and 1.3 MP front camera while S phones have auto focus 5 MP rear camera and VGA front camera. Front camera may not be there in all S phones.

Galaxy tab and S phones have many things in common while Tab has some additional features as well. Adobe flash support, Readers Hub and facility of video conferencing are some of the features exclusive to Tab. With all these great features, galaxy Tab is a better option but it is a little large to carry around but still smaller than Apple iPad and even weighs lesser than it.


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