Seasonale vs. Seasonique

Difference Between Seasonale and Seasonique In the world of extended birth control, most women have the tendency to…

Difference Between Seasonale and Seasonique

In the world of extended birth control, most women have the tendency to confuse between Seasonale and Seasonique. While both represent  the same kind of packaging and almost similar names  and look, there are differences in their use and performance. Using Seasonale will result in deregulation of your period for about seven days in each menstrual cycle in every three months. Seasonique also performs the same function but ita usage results in the menstrual cycle to end for only 4 days.

From the perspective of use, Seasonique is more preferred by women who experience heavy periods experience unbearable abdominal cramps. This is because they prefer to have fewer periods that eases their feeling of discomfort. On the other hand, Seasonale is mostly preferred by those women who experience moderate to light periods as they can tolerate the blood flow for more days as compared to those who have heavy periodic flow.

Seasonale is also an extensive option for birth control and remains active for eighty-four days and has an interval of seven days of placebo. On the contrary, Seasonique is a continuous process  that has no placebo interval.

Seasonique gives lower estrogen levels, which results in lesser bloating as well as bleeding and other kind of side effects during the menstruation time. With Seasonale, there are still few signs of bleeding and cramps, but not as bad compared to non-users of oral contraceptives extended.

Seasonique is able to provide women with the best suppression of ovary and as a result the chances of becoming pregnant become less. Seasonale, on the other hand, is good, but has a slightly higher risk of pregnancy. When we try to differentiate between the two types of extended oral contraceptives, such information is worth to know before the actual choosing of an extended oral contraceptive.


1.  With Seasonale, period cycle stays for around seven days, while Seasonique makes it last for only four days,

2. Heavy bleeders prefer using Seasonique, while the moderate to light bleeders prefer using Seasonale.

3. Seasonale has active seven day intervals of placebo, where as Seasonique is continuous, without intervals of placebo.

4. One experiences lesser bleedings and pain with the use of Seasonique, while there is a little of both, using Seasonale.

5.Seasonique offers the best ovarian suppression, which means there are very low chances of getting pregnant, Seasonale, on the other hand, is always good, but the chance of getting pregnant are not as low with Seasonique.



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