Seeder Vs. Peers

Difference Between Seeder and Peers Torrents have become the best of the file-sharing networks. Torrents have no centralized…

Difference Between Seeder and Peers

Torrents have become the best of the file-sharing networks. Torrents have no centralized server from where files can be downloaded. Instead, files are copied from other users who have all or part of the file. The seeds are essentially copies of the entire file which has been placed so that other downloader has a source. Peers are people who are downloading the file.

Download speed is directly related to the number of seeds and peers. Seeds help to increase the download speed and more sources helps to download simultaneously. With its partners, the opposite is true. More peers means more people competing for the bandwidth provided by all the seeders. Although peers can download the file, but can also compensate for the rejection of the bandwidth consumed, because other people can also download sections of files and thereby reducing the bandwidth of seeders. However, in general, a torrent with more seeders than peers has a higher speed of a torrent with less seeder than peers.

The person is a peer or a seeder do not always stay fixed as a peer become seeder after finishing downloading. Seeding is a recommended practice in the community of file sharing. Seeds do not really affect you much, it does not take all the bandwidth downstream than upstream. Limits on upstream bandwidth can also be put so that your torrent software is not to have problems with the softwares that run in real time such as VoIP and online gaming.

Finally, consider the rights associated with the material you download. Violation of copyright is punishable by law. And penalties can be severe. All you have to is pay for the copyright and is usually downloading such software must be avoided.


1. The seeds are full copies of the file whereas peers are still in downloading stage

2. More seeds means faster downloads, while more peer means slower downloads

3.peers who do  not delete the file after the download become seeders



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