Seizure vs. Stroke

Difference Between Seizure and Stroke Seizure and stroke are two medical conditions related to abnormal functioning of our…

Difference Between Seizure and Stroke

Seizure and stroke are two medical conditions related to abnormal functioning of our brain. These are two entirely different types of medical conditions and there is no reason to get confused between them.  Most of the people get confused because of similarity in the symptoms.

Seizure and stroke both are identified by drooping of face, weakening of hands and stopping of all the motions in body.  This is when it becomes difficult to know if it is stroke or seizure. Here is a list of differences between these two so that you can clearly distinguish between them:

  • Stroke is caused by blocking of blood vessels in the brain. This causes lack of oxygen supply to the brain tissues and they start starving and stop functioning normally. When this condition stays for more than few seconds the person gets stroke. In case of seizure abnormal electrical impulses lead to disruption of normal functioning of our brain. This affects particular areas of brain.
  • Seizure is caused because of increased activity of neurons and patients of epilepsy are the most common targets.  Strokes are caused when the arteries are blocked and blood supply to brain is blocked. Blockage in the arteries may be because of formation of clots. At times the blood vessels may suddenly rupture inside the brain leading to stroke.
  • Seizures do not pose threat to life but stroke can, and this is why they need immediate medical help.
  • Seizures are not known for causing any permanent disability but strokes can. A person may become permanently disabled and may need help in walking, talking and doing daily activities.

Though seizures are not life threatening but it is essential to understand the cause behind them. Today there are drugs which are given to epilepsy patients and they control seizures in them. Strokes are treated according to the cause of stroke and the patient may have to undergo surgery if he does not respond to drugs.


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