Shocks vs. Struts

Difference Between Shocks and Struts For any vehicle, shocks and struts form a vital part. They try to…

Difference Between Shocks and Struts

For any vehicle, shocks and struts form a vital part. They try to lessen suspension travel by transforming the movement of the spring into heat energy. The hydraulic fluid then dispels this energy. Both shocks and struts help in achieving a smooth ride and without them the journey will be rough and uncomfortable. However, they have a few differences as detailed below.

Shocks, which we normally address as shockers are placed behind the automobile. We all know that they help in the reduction of bumps and jerks on the road and diminish vibrations.

Whereas struts are situated in the front and help in warding off shocks to the arms holding the steering wheel. Amongst the two, struts hold more significance and can’t be done without. One can still drive without shocks. Another difference that comes out is on the basis of their configurations. Shocks are cylindrical situated in the open in the vehicle while struts are complicated in their construction made out of numerous pieces. Shocks are one single piece unlike struts.

Working area of shocks is dampening of leaf springs and that of struts is the coil springs. The recoiling of springs helps in reducing the bump with the help of these struts. Shocks are however cheaper than struts and do not require installation charges unlike struts.



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