Silicon Valley vs. Bangalore

Difference Between Silicon Valley and Bangalore Silicon Valley and Bangalore are significant IT hubs in the world. Silicon…

Difference Between Silicon Valley and Bangalore

Silicon Valley and Bangalore are significant IT hubs in the world. Silicon Valley is in Northern California in the United States of America while Bangalore is in southern India. Silicon Valley is called so because it is home to some of the largest IT companies of the world including Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft etc. Initially Silicon chip manufacturing was done here and later many other places came up as big It business centers but this area is still the hub.

Similarly Bangalore is the IT hub in India and it has hundreds of companies which specialize in electronics, research and development and software related businesses. It is the most popular outsourcing hub for US based IT companies. The IT revolution started in 1990’s and today it has well developed infrastructure for IT industries.

IT companies in Bangalore are known for their excellent services and high level of efficiency and this has made Bangalore an important hub for IT companies. Two of the largest IT companies of India, Infosys and Wipro have their headquarters in Bangalore. Apart from the multinational and these big Indian companies, there are many other small and mid- sized IT companies in Bangalore.

There are many similarities between Silicon Valley and Bangalore because both these places are It hubs but there cannot be any comparison because silicon valley is existent for about 60 years now while IT industry in Bangalore has developed in last couple of decades.

Here is a list of some differences between the two cities:

  • Silicon Valley is far more developed than Bangalore and it has investors, employees, colleges etc working together and delivering results in the form of big successful companies like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Microsoft. These companies were born here and then developed themselves to a level where they are today. The system in Bangalore needs lot of time to reach that level because it is still at its initial stages.
  • The way of working of the entrepreneurs and companies in Silicon Valley is different from the way the entrepreneurs and companies work in Bangalore. The systems are more open in Silicon Valley and they know the best ways to attract the best talent and recruit them. They know better ways to advertize and market their products, the ventures are more aggressive and the companies are far more logical. The companies in Bangalore are not that well equipped in terms of information, technology, strategies, advertizing and promotion of products.
  • The companies in Silicon Valley a very active in term of use of media for promoting their business while companies in Bangalore are still shying away from media and are socially not that active.


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