Sony Quad Core Next Gen PSP PSP2 vs. Nintendo 3ds

Difference Between Sony Quad Core Next Gen PSP PSP2 and Nintendo 3ds Sony and Nintendo are geared up…

Difference Between Sony Quad Core Next Gen PSP PSP2 and Nintendo 3ds

Sony and Nintendo are geared up to transform the world of video gaming for all time. They will be doing so with the launch of their next generation game consoles; Quad Core Next Gen PSP by Sony and Nintendo 3DS with a glassless 3D technology by Nintendo. With the launch of the two consoles, conflicts would soon take place.

Nintendo 3DS

This foremost 3D gaming console is set to be dispatched in the market of Japan on February 26th and a month after in US and France. The most amazing thing to be noted is that it won’t require wearing 3D glasses to get the 3D effect but rather it has stereoscopic technology that gives an impression of depth to the user. Not just that, the intensity of the 3D effect can be adjusted or can be turned off wholly as suited by the gamer. It will also consist of second, smaller touchscreen with motion sensors, 3D camera and integrated Wi-Fi. It is well-matched with the prevailing DS and DSi ware. Many new game titles will be there along with Super Street Fighter IV edition and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D etc. it will cost you $249.99; more than the price compared to Nintendo DS which is $130.

Sony Quad Core Next Gen PSP

This extremely fast processor with a high running GPU delivering striking graphics at a 960×544 pixels resolution is surely going to take gaming to a much higher level. Sony intends to turn up with a big 5” OLED touchscreen with supreme audio quality with integrated microphone and dual speakers. Also accommodating front and rear cameras, inbuilt GPS and Wi-Fi, it has proclaimed bringing in new titles for its GEN PSP 2. Existing titles like Call of Duty, Killzone etc. are also included. Moreover it is backwards compatible to the present games of PSP which is a major advantage.

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