Difference Between SSI and SSDI SSI and SSDI are run by the government of USA to assist the…

Difference Between SSI and SSDI

SSI and SSDI are run by the government of USA to assist the people who are not able to meet their financial needs. Most of the people do not know the difference between the two assistance programs run by the Federal government.

Supplementary Security Income (SSI): this program is run by the government of United State to help those citizens/people who fall in the low income category. Main focus of this program is to assist those individuals who have psychological or medical problems and the people who are above the age of 65 years.

Social Security Administration handles this program.  Initially the program was started to replace some assistance programs run by state and federal government. It is not easy for everyone to get the benefits under this program. There are certain parameters for assessment of the eligibility and an individual must qualify all those parameters to get the benefits. There is cap on resources for the people getting benefits under this scheme. For married couple it is $3,000 while for singles is it $2000.

As far as SSDI is concerned you will understand its meaning by its name itself. Social Security Disability Insurance is the insurance provided by the government to the people who cannot make their living because of some disability. Both mental and physical disabilities are considered to provide the benefits. The person should have been working before the disability lead him to stop working. The state of disability should have been there for at least 12 months. The age limit to get benefit under this scheme is 65 years.

Some of the main differences between these two programs are given below:

  • SSI is funded by government while the money for SSDI is contributed by the people from their payroll when they are working.
  • People above the age of 65 years are eligible for SSI while the maximum age limit for SSDI is 65 years.
  • There is cap on assistance provided under SSI while there are no such criteria in case of SSDI

If people can understand the difference between the two and the provisions under these two programs then the needy can get assistance at the time of their need.


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