Difference Between STD And AIDS STD is an abbreviation of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. AIDS is an abbreviation of…

Difference Between STD And AIDS

STD is an abbreviation of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. AIDS is an abbreviation of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.


STD is sexually transmitted disease which is spread by sexual intercourse. The common examples are Chlamydia, Syphilis and Gonorrhoea. Venereal diseases (VD) is the another name of STD. This disease is basically common in sexually active people like sexual workers and their clients. When an infected person makes sexual contact with another person then other will also get infected. These diseases are a combination of infections. If any person is suffering from gonorrhea then it is possible then he can also get infected from other STD infections like syphilis. Those who are homosexuals they have the maximum chance of getting these diseases. Those who practice unsafe sex (not using condoms) have higher chances of contracting STD.


AIDS is Acquires Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is also a sexually transmitted disease, but this disease can also transit by blood and other body fluids like mother’s milk. This disease is caused by HIV (virus). If you are HIV infected then your immune system gets infected. Immune system helps you in fighting against harmful infection and once this immune system gets affected then your body is no more in a position to fight against infections. In AIDS, this virus spreads very quickly in body. This is true that most of the people suffer from AIDS die because of some other infections.

The few major difference between STD (sexually transmitted disease) and AIDS (Acquires Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are

  • Most of the STDs are curable but AIDS is not.
  • STD is caused by  bacteria and AIDS is caused by virus
  • STD is not a killer disease but AIDS is a killer disease
  • STD is only transmitted by sexual intercourse but AIDS is transmitted through body fluids like infected blood, mother’s milk and other agents carrying the virus.

The best way to stay away from both these infection is to be cautious and practice safe sex.

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