Steam Room vs. Sauna

Difference Between Steam Room And Sauna Steam room and Sauna are two popular methods of giving heat to…

Difference Between Steam Room And Sauna

Steam room and Sauna are two popular methods of giving heat to the body for therapeutic purpose and for relieving toxins through excessive sweating. This heat therapy strengthens immune system, detoxifies the body and improves blood circulation. Due to similar benefits most of the people tend to get confused between two of these.

Steam Room is a place to unwind you and relax for as long as you want. These steam rooms were conceptualized by the people of Finland for the first time. These steams rooms are common in all the countries all over the world irrespective of the climate, because of the associated health benefits.

You would find these steam rooms in health clubs and spas and majority of the people use it for detoxifying their body. A session of even 15 minutes can be beneficial in losing accumulated toxins from the body. Excessive sweating makes you lose weight and makes your skin glowing and supple.

Sauna is also a heat therapy but in this therapy the room is heated   up to 70 degrees Celsius by a heater and people sit in this heated room till the time they can tolerate heat. This increases the body temperature which improves blood flow in the body and opens up the pores of the skin.

In a Sauna room you would find low humidity and high temperature. Wooden furniture is used in these rooms to reduce the loss of heat.

There are two main differences between Sauna and Steam room.

  • First difference is the temperature. In sauna room the temperature is maintained around 70 degrees Celsius while in Steam room the temperature remains around 40 degrees.
  • Secondly, the heat is moist in steam room while in sauna it is dry.

It is more a matter of choice than anything else for which a person goes for sauna bath or a steam room.



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