Stratford Before Olympics vs. After Olympics 2012

Difference between Stratford before Olympics and After Olympics 2012 Olympics do not only change the fate of players…

Difference between Stratford before Olympics and After Olympics 2012

Olympics do not only change the fate of players but also of countries or cities where they are organized. Talking about Stratford, Olympics 2012 definitely bring good changes in comparison to the Stratford that is now. For those, Stratford is unable to ring a bell, it is a district situated in north east of London, England. It is a part of the Newham, London Borough.  It is located at 10km distance from Charing Cross and is a major part of ambitious London Plan framework. Stratford was more of an agrarian site contrary to industrial expansion of West Ham. Though, the real expansion of Stratford took place as an industrial area in the end of 19th Century. Railway works and heavy industry plants changed the façade of the district.  It emerged as a significant commercial and cultural centre of London on the globe. Adjacent to London Olympic Park, the city of Stratford is all set to witness the greatest and best make-over; a city could has in the anticipation of the arrival of 2012 Summer Olympics.

Stratford is a great place to live in and live life to the fullest while you are there. Commuting to and fro is not difficult. There are so many shops, bars, theatres, and cinemas situated at the walking distance from the Olympic center. Part time jobs for students are also available. Students also have the facility of waived off taxes. However, there is some stinging news of street gangs in the North Eastern part of Stratford making the life of locals and tourists nervous and difficult.  As Stratford is the ‘Chosen One’ for Olympics 2012, there are number of sites which are in process of developing.  It has green spaces which are in process of transformation as Stratford International Station. The projects carried to ensure the projection of city in good lights during the Olympic Games, are sure to impact the lifestyle in a positive way of Stratford citizens. There will be ‘Olympic Javelin Train’ for the mass commuting.  of these people. Olympic Park, Olympic Stadium, Hockey Centre and the Olympic Village are setting up too.


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