Subway vs. Quiznos

Difference between Subway and Quiznos If you are not living in a stone age, you may have heard…

Difference between Subway and Quiznos

If you are not living in a stone age, you may have heard about the two very popular fast food chains- Subway and Quiznos. Given their same operational field, the two have been highly competitive of late and yearning for larger share of market. Battling it out to one another in terms of quality, value and health, both the fast food chain leaders have some different market and branding perspectives.

It is true that if you like a particular food joint, no one can deter you from that. So, regardless of how many discussions we state as differences and similarities, it’s the taste that finally wins with people. Both have loyal customers who keep coming and visiting them often.

Subway positions its food with health proposition. They claim that anything you eat at Subway is healthy and while catering to your taste buds, keep you fit, slim and healthy. Quiznos are doing business and running their fast food chain settling their branding on pro-green lines. Subway is very clear in its approach and if you have seen their promotional materials, it is loud and clear. They speak on the same lines of fitness attributed to their food.

Quiznos is very vague in the marketing department and does not speak out loudly about it. However, regular eaters at these two joints assert that the sandwich of Quiznos tastes better.  Subway along with serving nutritious food is priced lower. The sandwiches of Quiznos are at least expensive from one dollar or more. According to the frequent eaters at these two chains, Quiznos is worth every extra penny they charge for. For them, it satisfies the hunger and craving, alike. Well, it does not imply that people doesn’t like Subway. Those who want to stay fit and healthy while satiating their cravings for fast food, visit Subway. As stated before, that when it comes to taste and aromas of food, Subway or Quiznos become personal choices.

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