Suit vs. Blazer

The difference between Suit and Blazer When it comes to fashion, usually it’s the women department which takes…

The difference between Suit and Blazer

When it comes to fashion, usually it’s the women department which takes the cup. Men have to limit their choices. And that too, most of them seem lost on the basic attributes and use of the apparel. For instance, take suit and blazer and honestly, tell me what the difference is? Yes, Gentlemen, there sure is.

So, to avoid any wardrobe malfunction, gorge on the every detail mentioned in this write-up. Though it is true that given you have a good body to flaunt, you can certainly look like James Bond regardless of what you wear- a suit or blazer. However it is the occasion that would make a sea difference in wearing a suit or blazer. Both are jackets for man and one needs to wear some clothing inside.

Coming from a Latin word- Sequor, a suit means- I follow. A suit garment comprises jacket, waistcoat and the trouser. The pieces of garment follow each other in color and texture of cloth. Since 1960, the suits are categorized into two parts- they can be donned either as a two- piece or three- piece with a waistcoat. Suits can be single breasted or double breasted, and it’s the style, cut and designs that make the whole difference. A suit is suitable for business and formal occasions.

Blazer, on the other hand is good for casual get together. A suit gives a man an air of authority and power whereas a blazer enlivens the lighter side of a man. As said, an occasion is the determining factor to choose what to wear.  Turning up on a dais to give a speech to management in blazer would not only spoil your appearance but also credentials.  Nonetheless, if it’s sort of casual and formal gathering, you can wear blazer without going over the top. Match it with a trouser of the same color, and you are good to go. Blazers do not come in a set.  They come as a jacket which can be worn with a polo neck tee-shirt, with a party or plain shirt or with ties as well.  Usually, men like to wear a blazer with jeans for evening outings.


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