Summer Jeans vs. Winter Jeans

What is the difference between Summer and Winter Jeans? Denim or jeans has become more of a necessity…

What is the difference between Summer and Winter Jeans?

Denim or jeans has become more of a necessity rather a trend. People from every age group regardless of their sexes, love to wear jeans. Men and women alike, have at least a pair of jeans or two in their wardrobe. Jeans are the epitome of versatility and style blended in one.  Providing comfort and trendiness alike, these are available in unimaginable sizes and designs in market. You can get skinny, straight cut, fit and ankle-fit among many others. You can even find maternity jeans for women. Depending on the weather, there are two types of jeans- summer and winter.

Summer Jeans are perfect for hot and humid summers. These jeans act as breather for skin as their light fabric allow air to penetrate through and keep the heat and sweat away. To make the texture softer and lighter, the fabric is washed again and again by the manufacturers. These are lighter in the weight and thinner. Made from the porous cotton fibers, these help air to pass through. These can be paired with slip-in sleepers, trendy peep-toes or even canvas shoes. The latest trend is to wear beach sleepers with them.

Winter jeans should be worn in winters as their fabric is thick. The thick fabric doesn’t let air pass and protect you from winter.  They retain the warmth of the body in chilled days. Most of the time when you see Hollywood movies, where there is a scene of winters, you see the heroine wearing the Uggs. So, pair it up with the boots. The overall effect will be mesmerizing and beautiful enough to cast a magical and warm spell of chilly winters.

If you are careful enough to choose jeans in accordance with the weather, you can certainly expect comfort and style from them. Unlike formal trousers, they have ‘style’ written all over them.


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