System Software vs. Application Software

The difference between System Software and Application Software Computer programs -system software and application software differ in the…

The difference between System Software and Application Software

Computer programs -system software and application software differ in the properties and capabilities they serve on the computer they are installed.  The system software consists of configuration files, system services and preferences, libraries of function and hardware drivers installed on the computer. Even the OS or Operating System is a part of system software. The other elements of System software include the programs such as compilers, assemblers, debuggers, system utilities and file management tools used to run the computer smoothly.

The user doesn’t need to install system software separately. Once the OS is installed in the system, the software gets installed automatically. It is the most basic requirement of a system and can run independently. To update them, you have program in your computer by the name of ‘Windows Update’ and ‘Software Update’. It is low level software because it’s the most basic graphic user interface (GUI) to help user connect with the hardware. It is always behind the screens so, not much of a problem for users. Though, it is necessary as it enables the environment where application software can and ensures smooth functioning of the applications on the computer.

Application software such as media players, spreadsheets, Word processors feed on the capabilities of a machine, they are installed on. If applications are bundled and packaged, they are referred collectively as application suite. The most prominent example for application software is MS Office where the programs are well synchronized with each other and handy for the end-users. For system software provides the much needed environment to run application software, their presence is needed to install application software on the machine. Application software runs as common user interface where software is installed based on the requirements of a user. The user keeps on interacting with application software to facilitate the work.


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