Systolic vs. Diastolic Pressure

Difference between Systolic and Diastolic Pressure My heart goes zoom… little did we realize about the mechanism of…

Difference between Systolic and Diastolic Pressure

My heart goes zoom… little did we realize about the mechanism of the heart when we do silly exchange of it. Mind you, if you have known it, you would rather think twice about it. The main mechanism of the heart lies with the pressure on the arterial wall which contracts the heart muscle and pumps the blood into the arteries from the chambers. Scientifically, this pressure is called systolic and the pressure which causes heart muscle to relax is called diastolic pressure.

In general, we use pressure as the common term to refer to arterial pressure causing heart to relax and contract. The pumping of heart forces blood to aorta which is main vessel to the left ventricle of the heart. After entering in the aorta, the pressurized blood shifts the pressure on the wall. Aorta is elastic in the nature. It can extend and distend accordingly.  In the extended position, heart is relaxed and blood to the aorta stops whereas in the distended situation, aorta comes back to the normal position. This again, pushes the blood and the pressure rises.

The systolic pressure of a normal healthy person would be 120mm mercury whereas diastolic pressure is 80mm mercury. Depending on the physical activity of a person, the pressure can differ. For instance, systolic pressure rises during heavy work and in fears. Females, in comparison to males have less systolic and diabolic pressures. They have 110mm mercury (Hg) and 70mm Hg systolic and diastolic pressure respectively. In children also, the systolic and diabolic pressures are less. However, this can change as per their age and physical activity.

This pressure plays a critical role in heart ailments. When the reading of blood pressure is always on a persistent high, it is termed hypertension and if it’s low, it is called hypotension. It needs continuous treatment to maintain the pressure otherwise; it can lead to chronic heart ailments.


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