Talking About vs. Knowing the Truth

What is the difference between talking about & knowing the truth? Talking about is the output of a…

What is the difference between talking about & knowing the truth?

Talking about is the output of a perfect misunderstanding and opposite of knowing the truth which comes as a result of perfect understanding. If we are talking about something, we just chat our way through it. It is not necessary that we may have experienced it on our own. It may be because we have read it somewhere or it is just a rumor mill. You do not need to possess much of knowledge before talking about something.

Whereas knowing the truth requires great deal of understanding and most importantly, self experience. For that one always need to inquire a lot to acquire true knowledge of something. It is always in the form of self-experience.  For instance, take spirituality, a person who is spiritually active, knows the truth already because of his inquisitive nature has the self experience on spiritual grounds.

But on other hands, a scientist who has done zillions of experiments and talking about the results whenever he gets a chance fits under the category of talking about. You do not know the truth nor does the public. The output, as stated could be the result of a misunderstanding, assumptions and rumors. This is why; the scientists and researchers try to give their scientific research- a concrete foundation to help them establish the knowledge by talking about it to media for public.

Knowing the truth strictly falls into the brackets of self-experience. The person, who knows the truth, would help others to set free and gain the true knowledge he has experienced.  Hence, it is cleared that both knowing the truth and talking about are two different levels of understanding yet disparate enough to flummox the general public with consequences. Based and distinguished on the basis of false or true knowledge, both talking about and knowing the truth fall into an overlapping territory.


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