Technology of Education vs. Technology in Education

Difference between Technology of Education and Technology in Education Technology of Education and Technology in Education are two…

Difference between Technology of Education and Technology in Education

Technology of Education and Technology in Education are two phrases that are able to confuse even the most intelligent brains. Since the early days, education has covered a long way. Unlike earlier times, it, now, is in more holistic form and encompasses a whole spectrum of practical and theoretical knowledge.  The technology has made education easier for both the teachers and students.  The technology as believed is just not limited to mere gadgets and appliances but it has expanded its reach to schools and classrooms. It has smoothened the way education is delivered and grasped by students.  The technology however finds its relation to two terms which are- technology of education and technology in education.

Technology of education or educational technology denotes Information Technology (IT) embedded into classroom. Smart boards have replaced blackboards and computers have taken the place of notebooks in classrooms. This evolution totally depends on advancements in IT. Now, you can find classrooms where 3-D boards are used so that students can absorb the knowledge in better way.  Internet can be termed as the main foundation of this sea change that has made learning fun.  It is attributed to change the way teachers demonstrated concepts and ideas to student in classroom. Education is no longer drudgery for students. Unlike earlier times, education is no longer a privilege of well to do section of society.  Now, as the cost of setting infrastructure for class has reduced, poor can also educate their children.  IT has made possible to realize the true meaning of education that it should be disseminated without discrimination.

On the contrary, technology in education is not limited to learning and imparting of education. It is a curriculum and course of a study for the individuals who want to learn technology and get involved with technological tools for educational perspectives. This technology in education is designed keeping the end user- students and teachers in mind.  This field of study is extended not only to mere gadgets, hardware or software but also   Internet and other web applications as well.


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