The Difference Between Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars

Acoustic Guitars vs Classical Guitars Whether you have an acoustic or a classical guitar, you still have an…

Acoustic Guitars vs Classical Guitars

Whether you have an acoustic or a classical guitar, you still have an acoustic guitar. This is because both of these guitars produce the sounds of music naturally and do not need any technology to produce the sound that results when you strum the strings. Both can be used with amplifiers to make the sounds louder, but these are external devices that do not affect the production of the sound in any way.

About Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar is a steel stringed guitar. The steel strings help to make the musical sound louder. While there are several different types of acoustic guitars, the most popular ones are the flat top guitars. These are the ones that you will see being used in rock bands and for playing folk and country music as well as blues tunes. The look and feel of this guitar has not changed over the years.

About Classical Guitars

The name classical guitar came about in order to differentiate modern guitars from those that were used in earlier times. It may be more commonly known as a Spanish guitar because the design is still the same as the one that was developed by Antonio Torres Jurado in the 1800’s.  Although they have the name of classical guitars, they are not limited to only being able to play classical music. Performers can use a right hand technique and many of them play folk, jazz, and flamenco music.


  1. Acoustic and classical guitars produce a natural sound, but they look different.
  2. Acoustic guitars have a long slim neck with steel strings. Classical guitars have nylon strings and a wide neck so that you have more room to pluck the strings.
  3. The sound produced by an acoustic guitar is brighter than the mellow sounds produced by a classical guitar.
  4. On an acoustic guitar the fret board meets the neck at the 14th fret whereas on the classical guitar they meet at the 12th fret.
  5. It is easier to learn to play the classical guitar because the nylon strings are not as hard on the fingers as the steel strings,
  6. You do get quality music from both guitars.
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