Then vs. Than

Difference between then and than An adverb ‘then’ and a preposition ‘than’ differs in lots of terms. For…

Difference between then and than

An adverb ‘then’ and a preposition ‘than’ differs in lots of terms. For instance, then is used to imply time whereas than is used when we compare two things.  Then can be used in past and future tense. In English grammar, when you compare two things which have lots of thing in common is called figure of speech Simile. For instance, if you want to compare between the greatness of Mother Teresa and mountain, you can say, “Mother Teresa was patronizing like mountain but way softer than mountain.” So, you observed that she may be somewhat showed the characteristics of mountain when it came to her heart, she was softer than it, hence, the use of preposition-than.

‘Then’ is used to denote when the occurrence of two incidents follow each other. For instance, ‘no sooner, I left the building then it started raining. It also adds information to an event for the readers and listeners.  It also shows consequence.

For example, He entered the office at 10 am. And then, the troubled started.

No issues, that if I miss the bus today, then I would take the train to reach my office.

‘Then’ is also used for reiteration purpose, sample this, this problem that I enlisted, then, are the reasons for my bad performance. The adverb ‘then’ often used to denote the next thing supposed to happen next. The actions or consequence following the first thing is suggested by then.  He had two loaves of bread and then, he ordered his maid to bring tea for him.  ‘Than’, on the other hand is used to depict the sense of differentiation. I like Ram more than Shyam.


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