Tumor vs. Cancer

Difference between Tumor and Cancer Cell division is an important part of human physiology. There are millions of…

Difference between Tumor and Cancer

Cell division is an important part of human physiology. There are millions of cells in human body. Usually, a cell is produced by cell division.  The process will happen only when there is any need required. The whole process is highly regulated. The tumor happens when there is an abnormal cell growth. Most of the tumors are innocuous. They just grow, develop and disappear. Medically these are known as benign tumor. The uterine fibroids or the lipoma, the fat cells are most common example of benign tumors. They don’t spread or in some rare cases, can cause ugly appearance because of sticking out from the body.  Uterine fibroids in women can cause heavy bleeding during their menstruation otherwise no benign tumor is dangerous.

Cancer, on the other hand is very dangerous. Only timely detection and treatment is the cure.  The cancer tumor is called CARCINOMA medically and unlike, benign tumor, the cell growth is not regulated and able to outgrow the region. These feed on the blood supply and nutrition of other cells. Different from the parent cells, they invade other cells and spread via lymph nodes and blood.  Liver, brain and bones are secondary sites of growth for cancer cells other than their original location where they have occurred. In some types of cancer such as breast, if there is an earlier detection the affected breast can be removed. Similarly, cervical cancer can be treated if there is an early detection. The later malignant stages of cancer are hard to treat.

If there is a family history of cancer, chances of malignancy is very high. Screening is the best way to detect cancer is the best way. Either it could be a self examination of body to detect any abnormal cell growth or can be done in a clinic under the supervision of expert doctor by fine needle aspiration or Pap smear in case of breast autopsy and cervical cancer detection respectively.  Scientists have also found that BRCA genes are also responsible for breast and ovarian cancer in females but this is to be noticed that genes are just an additional causing factor but not the only sole reason for malignancy.  Carcinogenic food such as MSG rich and fast food, exposure to chemicals, and radiation increase the risk.


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