Tylenol vs. Perocet

Difference Between Tylenol and Perocet Perocet and Tylenol are both drug  containing acetaminophen that has been used to…

Difference Between Tylenol and Perocet

Perocet and Tylenol are both drug  containing acetaminophen that has been used to give relief from pain. Perocet combined with oxycodone is a narcotic pain reliever,  while tylenol gives relief from pain and fever as well. Both drugs have been approved by FDA. Both of them show their analgesic effect because of their combination with paracetamol.


Tylenol 3 is a combination of 3 medicines – a painkiller and reducer of fever acetaminophen, the narcotic analgesic codeine and caffeine which acts as the stimulant. It is used to treat many conditions such as migraines, muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, colds, fevers and toothache. Tylenol should be taken at the recommendation of the doctor as low as it can have no positive effect. A dose greater than recommended may affect the liver. Someone taking of alcohol should inform the doctor before even the taking of medication.


It is an analgesic used to treat severe narcotic pain. It contains a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone. It is synthesized from thebaine derived from opium and now has the undesirable effect that can cripple people’s thinking or reactions and should now be careful while driving and other such tasks. His overdose can cause liver damage and also increases the risk in people taking alcohol.


Both drugs are known painkillers. However, their use depends on the symptoms and severity of pain. The abuse of both drugs can cause liver problems; henceforth we should avoid alcohol consumption.


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