Ubuntu vs. Debian

Difference between Ubuntu and Debian Debian is the oldest distributions of Linux which sustained in the IT industry…

Difference between Ubuntu and Debian

Debian is the oldest distributions of Linux which sustained in the IT industry for about two decades. Linux distribution is mostly used by the people who want to use free operating system. Various distributions came into existence after Debian which includes Ubuntu. Ubuntu got separated at 2004 from Debian. The reason behind the separation is the slow cycle of Debian. After a gap of every six months, new versions of Ubuntu take birth in the market which well-suits for different applications and hardware.


Ubuntu was ranked as one of the best operating system due to its sturdiness and efficient performance. Some disparities of Ubuntu are Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Shubuntu. All these varieties include same features with slight distinction among them. Gnome desktop settings are used by Ubuntu. This operating system also comes with native applications.

Ubuntu provides absurd support and security. Due to no license required for installation, it can be used on other computers also. The main advantage of Ubuntu is, it is developed by a community which allows the user to operate it free of cost. Though it is free of cost, it is considered as more reliable, effective, secure and allows quick installation.

The key points which makes Ubuntu an ideal operating system:

  • Due to its availability on open source, it can be installed easily and quickly.
  • Users get updated due to new versions being available in the market for six months. This helps the users to use latest applications in the operating system.
  • The main difference which makes Ubuntu outstanding from other Linux variants is, there is availability of online support for Ubuntu.
  • Windows users must be very beneficial from Ubuntu and can be easily switched from windows operating system to Ubuntu.


The desktop application which is used by Ubuntu, Gnome and softwars like open office are used by Debian. Moreover, Debian also supports rebranded versions of softwares such as Icebird from Thunderbird and Iceweasel from Firefox. Debian is ranked 2nd in the clutters of operating systems; but due to arrivation of new technologies, it remains back among the other operating system which is most used nowadays.



  • Ubuntu has replaced Debian and is considered as more user-friendly than the latter which is the main reason for popularity of Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu continues to update  it version after every six months while Debian gets updated after every two years.
  • Debian supports rebranded versions of Mozilla softwares while the softwares comes pre-,installed in Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu is wholly in the hands of a reputed company, on the other hand Debian is entirely distributed.
  • Beginners of Linux distributions are recommended to use Ubuntu, which is more better than Debian.
  • Ubuntu is 1st ranked distribution of Linux while Debian ranks 2nd.
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