UFC vs. Affliction

Difference Between UFC and Affliction These are familiar terms who take any interest in MMA or mixed martial…

Difference Between UFC and Affliction

These are familiar terms who take any interest in MMA or mixed martial arts as UFC that stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship and Affliction are two most illustrious professional organizations that host MMA which is otherwise known as Ultimate Fighting. It is important to know that MMA is a combat sport where we can see the competitors making use of various martial arts techniques and skills.


Apart from hosting countless shows all over the world that shows the top MMA fighters, UFC at present has seven different classes of weight that all fall between Bantamweight (126-135lbs) to Heavyweight (206-265lbs). Nevada State Athletic Commission has listed more than 30 fouls in a match in UFC that includes acts like head-butting and groin hits. Submissions, knock-outs and decision of the judges lead to the outcome of the match. Zuffa, LLC (created by Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta) is the owner and manager of the UFC.


In 2008 – an independent branch Affliction Clothing gave birth to the Affliction which launched two paid events

1)     Affliction: Banned and 2) Affliction: Day of Reckoning

There is also the Affliction: Trilogy which was supposed to be a fight between Josh Bernett and Fedor Emelianenko. However the fight was cancelled 11 days before it was supposed to take place as the California State Athletic Commission refused to issue Josh Bernett a license because of using anabolic steroids.

While UFC is already an established player in the field of hosting and organizing MMA matches and regarded as the best, Affliction is relatively new in the MMA Organizations who originated later than UFC.  However it is still young and too inexperienced to take on UFC. However in spite of the fact that Affliction is quite new to this domain the UFC regarded it with proper respect. While the telecast of Affliction: Banned event night, UFC used to telecast UFC: Silva vs. Irvin. In spite of everything back in 2009, Afflictions effort to be a part of the MMA industry and taking on the UFC goes up in smoke. Though Affliction is not into the promotion of MMA fights it does make a comeback as a sponsor for UFC. Golden Boy Promotions, Business Magnate Donald Trump, and M-1 Global are the managers of Affliction.

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