Difference Between UFC and MMA If you can spot the difference between Copa America and soccer than probably…

Difference Between UFC and MMA

If you can spot the difference between Copa America and soccer than probably you can find the differences between UFC and MMA. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a genre of sport while UFC is an organization that conducts MMA. However the out of the world popularity of the UFC, made people think that it is bigger than the sport itself. This led to the confusion between the two terms.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) includes multiple martial arts features from different countries and is not classified as a fixed sport like Karate or Judo and in fact comprises features of many such martial arts from different countries. MMA also has glimpses of kickboxing which is a fully developed sport. Ever since it was publicized as a spectator sport the popularity has been ever increasing. However MMA reached the pinnacle of success only when UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship) started to organize it. The founder of this Las Vegas based company is Robert Meyrowitz, Rorian Gracie and Art Davie. UFC was prearranged in 1993 and almost immediately MMA bewitched the people with live spectators and country wide television shows. It was the wrestler from Olympic Jeff Blatnick who suggested the name MMA for the fights that are structured by UFC.

Thus we can see the relation between UFC and MMA is exactly like the relation between cricket and The Ashes. It is useless to mark them apart. However it can be said that though it is very popular UFC can never be greater than the sport MMA, which it promotes.


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