Ulcer vs. Cancer

Difference between Ulcer and Cancer The protection cover for the human body is called skin. Similarly, the inside…

Difference between Ulcer and Cancer

The protection cover for the human body is called skin. Similarly, the inside of our body has the cover known as mucous membrane. Both of these protective shields are called epithelium. Whenever, there is some problem with the sanctity of epithelium, it forms ulcer. Body’s defense mechanism tries to heal it but the healing depends on number of factors such as infections, immune power and nutrition. The most important thing is to eliminate the root cause of ulcers rather than treating then now and then when they occur.

Stomach Juice is mainly consists of HCL or Hydrochloric acid.  When the stomach releases this acid for digestion, the epithelium in healthy conditions protects the stomach from acid erosion and cells damaging. When it does not happen, ulcer occurs. With more and more secretion, the conditions of ulcers worsen. When due to severe acidic conditions, the thickness of stomach erodes, the gastric juice may come out of body, and this is known as perforated ulcers. It is a critical medical emergency. These can also happen in duodenum or small intestine region of body.  In diabetic patients, skin ulcers are common cause because of their poor neurological sensations, they feel less pain and their healing process is equally poor. Patients with varicose veins are also victims of skin ulcers.

On the other hand, cancer is a condition where cells multiply faster. Medically, some cancers are also termed as ulcers.  Cancer at female private region-vulva or esophageal cancer is also known as ulcers.  Cancer-ulcers have irregular edges and are with irregular base.  The colors of the ulcers may be also darker.

The ulcer can be checked for features of cancer by biopsy. Biopsy is a method where the piece of the tissue taken from the ulcer and examined under microscope. The histology will help us to diagnose the cancer. Body is unable to heal malignant ulcers.


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