Universal Product Code UPC vs. Stock Keeping Unit SKU

Difference Between  Universal Product Code UPC and Stock Keeping Unit SKU The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and UPC…

Difference Between  Universal Product Code UPC and Stock Keeping Unit SKU

The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and UPC (Universal Product Code) are bar codes placed on the goods. However, they are different in the representations given by such codes. UPC is the bar code standard that provides a description of the product SKU is used as to track the stock and the price of the product.


UPC is mostly used in shops for tracking. It is marked on the product by the manufacturer and will be the same when the product is sold. It is a number of 12 digits, no letters, which recognize the product and is the product description. The starting and ending numbers are in such a pattern that is different from others to ensure the integrity in scanning.


SKU is a code for identification and tracking by a store and business. It has 8 alphanumeric characters. The code is set to identify the product and its price. He has been initialized for the better administration of data for retailers. It helps the systematic tracking of goods for inventory and insurance required to availability. It also helps to keep track of fast moving items of production.

The difference between SKU and UPC

Although both SKU and UPC are codes to be used by companies, the use of these is completely different. UPC is useful for consumers and SKU is useful for retailers. As UPC is marked by manufacturers, can have similar products UPCs similar but dissimilar SKUs, especially when products are being sold at different stores. The UPC is a universal tracking system as a system SKU is in store. Apart from these, the composition of both is also different. Numeral UPC, SKU is a mixture of letters and numbers. UPC has 12 numbers, SKU has 8 numbers.


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