Violin vs. Electric Violin

Difference Between Violin and Electric Violin The violin is a very important musical instrument in the family of…

Difference Between Violin and Electric Violin

The violin is a very important musical instrument in the family of twine with the cello, the viola and the double bass. It is an instrument joint of wood pieces by sticking and by not nailing. The body is hollow as a guitar to work as a resonating sound box. It is 4 stringed instruments with strings made up  twines are either made by the guts of animal or nylon or steel and these strings are wrapped around pegs over the end and connected to a tailpiece on the other side of the instrument. A violin is an entire party of a symphony with many players holding violins under the chin and playing it with a long stick with simple strings in another hand. As a guitar, the violin also has an electrical version. In this article, difference between the classical violin and the electrical violin will be accentuated.

The violin is a musical instrument which is able of producing every rich emotion. That’s why many people think that the sound created by the hollow solid box and vibrations of strings is not possible with the electrical violin with a solid body. In fact, the electrical violin produces very small sound of own sound and sound must be amplified to be heard by people. In fact, it is the classical violin which is used with an orchestra and they cannot play an electrical violin in an orchestra. As for solid quality, although an electrical violin seems as an ordinary violin; you smell difference when two of them play at the same time. And then you realize that they do not seem big when played together.

Many players, who used the classical violin find difficult to fit unlike weight of both instruments. They are also delayed in later by difference in sound quality. Reason being, the electrical violin is seldom used in classical music. It is the only contemporary classical music which goes well with the electric violin. Forms as the Jazz, bound of rose hip, rock, country and experimental music allow play the electrical violin easily. Since there is no hollow sound box inside the body, there were tries to restrict weight by using the glass, the carbon fibers and Kevlar.

That you play is that you appear in case of a classical violin but it is probable to add the reverb and to control tone to ameliorate the quality of music produced in case of an electric violin. There is a lot of distinction in sound from a classical violin, each time there is a movement of the violinist. It means that in a symphony where the violinists are everlasting to their places it is certainly, but in shows on stage, playing with an acoustical violin can be tricky. The electrical violins come handy through the living concerts.




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