Weed Vs. Hash

Difference Between Weed and Hash Weed aka weed aka Mary Jane aka Reefer alias Ganja comes from a…

Difference Between Weed and Hash

Weed aka weed aka Mary Jane aka Reefer alias Ganja comes from a joint facility where marijuana marijuana plant alias alias alias Manali Cream aka Chara come. It is called the plant Cannabis Sativa.

Definition of weed and hash

Basically, the weed is the dried leaves of the plant and the fruit of the plant. It dries so it looks a bit like regular tea leaves.

Hash is rubbed, blanked out, pushed, poked, scraped, leaving the mashed up from the resin together as a group and meets up with various types of liquid chemicals. Paste is finally cut into dried pellets of hashish or Hash.

A brief history of the weed and hash

Cannabis leaf is a bit like the shape of the Canadian flag symbol. But it’s green. Some say that weed is “completely safe”, and marijuana is harmless, which is of course in relation to alcohol and cigarettes.

Like the parts of the Lotus plant have different uses, (root is eaten and the flowers are used as decoration), possession of cannabis also is in much use. It was used in China for centuries to make paper, cloth and hemp bags. It is primarily used for two main purposes these days to get the weed and hash.

Activists are demanding the use of herb to become legal as they have amazing healing and medicinal properties. It is banned in several countries seeing its extensive use by the criminals.

Although both are segregated soft “drugs”, as far as deaths per dose have been noted. People do not seem to go out and cause accidents when they consume such drugs.

The use of weed and hash

It is banned in various parts of the world, including the notable exception of Amsterdam. Many places around the world have begun to use these drugs under the name of medical use by public systems.

Examples of weed and hash

Caribbean, Mysore , etc. .. California Sun

Afghan, Kashmiri, Turkish, etc. Manali


1 Weed is a leaf of a dried plant, while cannabis resin is from the leaves mashed up.

2 Cannabis is stronger than the weeds.

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