What are the Differences between Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty?

What are the Differences between Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty? A wise man once said “beauty is in…

What are the Differences between Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty?

A wise man once said “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.  This is very true as beauty is any characteristic that appeals to the other person.  Beauty can be in various forms and can range from a personality trait or the colour of your eyes. Due to this there are two classifications of beauty. There’s physical beauty that focuses on a person’s elegance, features, figure or even your complexion. Then there’s also inner beauty which can be directed towards your personality traits, habits and in some cases even your sense of humour. The word ‘beauty’ cannot be given a set definition as it may change based on the perception of an individual.

It has been proven that many persons identify someone as being physically beautiful when a person has a symmetrically shaped face.  In turn, you are deemed beautiful on the inside when you possess intellectual factors that please other persons. Persons who are qualified role models due to intellect are often referred to as beautiful on the inside.

Are they easily identified?

It is safe to say that your inner beauty takes precedence when both are applied practically. A prime example of this is when your evaluate some of the persons you know personally. Many of them may be physically appealing but because you know them personally, you use their personality traits to judge their character. So not because you are beautiful on the outside means that you possess inner beauty. At times a person that is beautiful on the outside with a rotten personality would be deemed as unattractive as you would use their personality to describe them on most occasions. Just the same, someone who is extremely appealing on the inside but not so much physically would get more persons to socialize with them because of their inner beauty.

Why do you need to know the difference between the two?

The world is made up of persons from all different cultures and races. Though our body parts may be the same there are always certain features that stand out on each person. Many are still puzzled which beauty type is more important as they both play important roles in our lives. Each person may see a different classification as beauty as being more important to them but, in reality, inner beauty is more useful in practical life.

Similarities and Differences

Though you may be extremely beautiful on the outside, it is whether you are beautiful on the inside the counts. Due to physical beauty others may exercise vanity, greed or even jealously and other sins but what is important is that you remain true to who you are. It is therefore safe to conclude that inner beauty wins as:

  • On a day to day basis it is the type of person that you are that determines if someone associates with you. Not the way you look. To be honest, to some person looks are everything but if you possess a great personality they normally end up focussing on your inner beauty.
  • If you possess a cheerful personality it will be displayed on the outside whether or not you are physically beautiful.
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