What is the Difference between Skiing and Snowboarding?

The group of snow sports that uses skis is known as skiing. The skis would be attached to…

The group of snow sports that uses skis is known as skiing. The skis would be attached to the player’s ski boots. The two most popular skiing games in the world are Nordic skiing and alpine skiing. The sport is open to all types of people whether you are in ‘top shape’ or even physically challenged. Its’ not hard to learn so if you are a beginner, don’t worry, with a few tips and basic practice you will be skiing in no time. Snowboarding, on the other hand, requires the players to be experienced in descending down a slope of ice. Snowboarding has also inspired the rules and regulations of many other sports such as surfing, skateboarding, surfing and skiing. If you are a player in snowboarding then a snowboard would be attached to your feet.


Skiing goes way back to the prehistoric period of human life. The oldest and clear documentation of skiing can be found in Norway and Sweden. In the olden days, however, skiing was not as popular as it is today. Sondre Norheim recreated skiing into a popular recreation and completive sport. In the 19th century techniques related to skiing were referred to as Telemark Skiing. Telemark Skiing was yet again transformed completely within this era around the 1970s when the first commercial snowboard was invented in Utah. At least so it is believed. It is also believed by many that snowboard existed long before the Utah invention. So nobody really knows for sure when the very first snowboard came about but what we do know is that snowboarding became an official sport in 1985.


There are five different types of styles associated with snowboarding. These are:

  1. Jibbing and Rail Riding
  2. Freeriding
  3. Dry Slope
  4. Freestyles
  5. Free – carve

Different region gravitate to different styles. England and some European countries, for example, mostly stick to the dry slope technique. The free- carve style has its own defining characteristics and can be easily compared to skiing. Skiing, also styles that are recognized by the International Olympic Society. These are:

  1. Freestyle Skiing
  2. Alpine Skiing
  3. Nordic Skiing
  4. Military Skiing

Military Skiing, as the name suggests, is the style of skiing used when our soldiers are in colder countries. It can either be used for transportation or ski warfare. It was in fact World War II that made skiing with a physical disability so popular.


As mentioned before, both sports are currently used for both recreation and competition. In fact, both skiing and snowboarding for some, has become a full time profession. There are professional competitions organized each year by the International Ski Federation. There are also tournaments arranged in the U.S. by the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. If you watch the winter Olympics, you will see that it has become a major activity. Even the European countries now have their own national skiing associations that aid in promoting skiing as a profession. In 1988, snowboarding became a certified sport in the Winter Olympics. Some of the popular snowboarding games are:

  • Slush Cup
  • Boarder Cross
  • Half Pipe
  • Indy cross
  • Slope Style

Similaritiesand Differences

  • Safety hazards are a concern in both sports. The risk of injury while skiing is up to 10 out of 1000 ski visits. These injuries may be slight or even fatal. The most common injury or risk factor in both sports is injury of the knee.
  • There are precautions you need to take to avoid injuries in both sports. For example, in skiing you need to wear a ski helmet. The ski helmets are similar to that of a professional racer. In snowboarding, proper balance, effective pressure control and body coordination can help you to reduce injuries.
  • If you are a beginner, don’t worry, as all the major ski and snowboarding schools offer beginner classes. It is recommended that you lessons to build confidence before going out on your own. During your lessons you will learn the basics of safety and security  in both sports.
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