White Sugar vs. Raw Sugar

Difference Between White Sugar and Raw Sugar Despite the sugar being one of the most important and commonly…

Difference Between White Sugar and Raw Sugar

Despite the sugar being one of the most important and commonly used in kitchens, most people are not aware that unless they use white sugar, there is another variety of sugar called raw sugar, available in the market. Those who use raw sugar and white sugar are also not aware of the differences between the two. Let us take a look at these two different types of sugars.

Table sugar or white sugar is pure sucrose and is a source of carbohydrate which is found in fruits and vegetables. In nature, it is found in larger quantities of sugar cane and beet sugar which it is separated to pass into the form we use. White sugar is refined sugar that is prepared from natural sugar or raw sugar as it returns. So before the fact to go back to white sugar, let us see how the raw sugar is made.

The machines are used to support plants and crushing sugar cane to extract juice. The lime is added to the juice to achieve the desired pH level and remove any impurities that may be present in the juice. The reduction of this solution by evaporation produces a solid mass that has passed through the centrifuge to get sugar crystals. This sugar is light brown in color and is called raw sugar. It is also the most natural sugar you can hope to lay your hands on.

For white sugar, sulfur dioxide is added to the juice canner before it is evaporated. This gas is the discoloration of the juice so that it does not turn brown and produce white sugar. Last stages, phosphoric acid, calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide are added to absorb impurities. This juice is then filtered through a carbon bed and then crystallized in a vacuum several times. Finally the crystals are left to dry on their own to get white crystals of sugar paper.


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