Who Is The Ultimate Disney Princess : Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?

This is an important matter as no girl or even boy could have gone through their childhood without…

This is an important matter as no girl or even boy could have gone through their childhood without having to enjoy viewing Disney’s fairytales animations. These movies have an appeal to both young and young at heart not only because the cartoon characters are amazing to watch but also because of the fact that the stories provide a refreshment of one’s values and even serve as moments that touch one’s heart. It is definitely improper to have never witnessed any of these animations brought to life on screen and quite a few times, have jumped to theatrical shows as well. The two most popular of these kinds of productions are Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

How It All Began

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty though told long before as bedtime fairy tales, were made famous in the hands of Walt Disney. The former was from a story called “Cendrillon” while the latter came to children’s mind from “La Belle au Bois Dormant” which was a story written by Charles Perrault. The film debut for Cinderella was 1950 while it was 9 years later for Sleeping Beauty but both definitely struck with moving soundtracks.

How Their Story Unravels

Everyone knows that the happy ending of the Princess who is Cinderella started off rough as she became a poor servant for her step mother and step sisters after the passing of her father. However, it is because of her beauty both inside and out that leads to the arrival of her fairy godmother who helps her in dressing up for the big ball where she was invited by the Prince. The most famous scene is that of the glass slipper being left behind as Cinderella runs before the clock strikes midnight. This was how the Prince found her again as she was the perfect fit for the shoe.

On the other hand, Sleeping Beauty has an entirely different romance story but starts off with the dilemma as well brought about by an evil fairy. After not being sent for as one of the guests, the villain interrupts the supposed blessing of all the other kind-hearted fairies and puts a curse on Princess Aurora, the daughter of the King and Queen. Fortunately it was interfered by another fairy and Aurora did not pass away and instead was put into a deep sleep. The only way that she will be ever awakened again is through true love’s kiss and so the story of her Prince charming begins.

How It Sounds To One’s Ears

Probably one of the biggest factors for success of both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty is the fact that there are many emotions effectively conveyed by the songs throughout the movie. For both animations, there is a star track. For Sleeping Beauty, it was “Once Upon a Dream” while Cinderella boasts the wonderful tunes of “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”.

Adding It All Up

The bottom line here is that Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have a different way for touching the viewer’s hearts.

  • Cinderella appeals to the dreamer side of every individual
  • In addition to that, she depicts a more close to life scenario
  • On the other hand, Sleeping Beauty keeps true to the theme of waiting for true love
  • Each one guarantees a special happy viewing experience for any age.

Maybe it was wrong. There’s no ultimate Disney princess rather “Happily Ever After” from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

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