Wife vs. Girlfriend

The difference between a wife and a girlfriend Wife and girlfriend are a lot different from each other.…

The difference between a wife and a girlfriend

Wife and girlfriend are a lot different from each other. Girlfriend is just a friend whose relationship does not have any legal meaning while a wife is a legally married person. As there is no legal bounding on a girl friend she can take her own decisions and go away from a man’s life without any legal botheration. On the contrary in case of wife, since the marriage is done on legal grounds then separation should also be done legally.

Who is a wife?

During marriage wife is a female partner. Depending on the culture , the obligations and rights of the wife about her husband or spouse and other, and her status in the law and in community eventually varies. Female partner at the time of marriage is termed as bride who is later called as wife after marriage. Male partner at the time of marriage is called as bridegroom who later becomes husband to his wife after marriage.

Wife is a female life partner in a married person’s life who has the right to take decisions and to participate in all family occasions. On the contrary girlfriend doesn’t have any rights to take part in any family matters or take any decisions on behalf of the other partner in relationship.

Girlfriend is a person whose relationship doesn’t have any legal meaning. It is a relationship which is maintained most of the times by the other partner so as to make you feel at ease by sharing your worries or sorrows with your girlfriend. On the contrary, wife is a title and honor given to a female partner after marriage. Wife is responsible to take care of her family. Wife has the rights to take medical decisions for her husband and also becomes a default nominee if there is no legal nominee appointed by her husband.

Who is a girlfriend

Girlfriend is a term which defines:

  • Non – romantic relationship of a female with her friend who is much closer to her than others.
  • Sexual or romantic relationship of a female partner prior to marriage.

In both the above cases both the parties don’t have any responsibilities on each other. The friend as described in the above definition can either be a male or a female. If the friend in the above relationship is a male then he is called as a boyfriend and a female is termed as girlfriend.

The term “girlfriend” and “girl friend” has several different meanings. For example, when the term girl friend is used by a girl or woman about another girl or woman in a non-romantic, non-sexual, context, the two term type ‘girl friend’ is sometimes used  in order  avoid the confusion  with the romantic or sexual meaning;  but this not a rule. In this case of usage the ‘girlfriend’ is used in terms of a very close friend and has no romantic or sexual connotations unless it is in the case of bisexual, pansexual, lesbian women. Sometimes a girlfriend is not necessarily used for sexual relationship, but it is used to describe a woman who is dating a person not for sexual relationship but it might be just for friendship.


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