Wife vs. Mother

Difference between mother and wife Two females who can change a person’s life that is Wife and Mother.…

Difference between mother and wife

Two females who can change a person’s life that is Wife and Mother. There is a never ending debate on the topic as to who is more important in a family and shown more respect between the two. It is a fact that both of them have different roles and responsibilities which are most important for the growth of the family.

A wife takes care of all the basic needs of her spouse. Wife takes care of her partner when he returns from his work. Wife is a multi-tasker wherein she has to act as an associate, minister and servant depending on the situation. A mother on the other hand is a highly respected person in the family who naturally loves her children. She takes care of their education, nourishes them properly and guides them to be successful in life.

A wife is a companion to a husband while a mother is like a teacher to her children. Mother is like a teacher since she teaches her children with kindness and compassion how to be successful in life from the day he is born. Mother also forgives her children for any mistakes that they commit. On the other hand a wife accompanies her husband at a later stage in life and may not forgive all kind of mistakes or blemishes on the part of the husband. This is one of the most important reasons why many husbands and wives are getting separated after marriage.

The relationship between a wife and a husband is more of faith and trust which at times may be broken due to misunderstanding. On the other hand there is no chance for any kind of misunderstanding between a mother and child as love showed by mother on its children is universal.

It is a pretty difficult task when it comes to the selection of the better of the two. It is quite natural that people have been facing a lot of problem these days when it comes to choosing between the two as both of them have different roles & responsibilities which cannot be used to judge as to who is more important. Whenever people have tried to judge the important from the two based on their roles & responsibilities they have ended up in conflicts which is one of the reason why the number of homes for the aged is on the rise for sure.

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