Wiki vs Wikipedia

The difference between Wiki and Wikipedia Gathering or storing of information about certain things is done in the…

The difference between Wiki and Wikipedia

Gathering or storing of information about certain things is done in the internet by millions in a daily basis. Whenever we look up for a landmark or something that involves history, most of us refer to Wikipedia. But what we don’t know is that, Wikipedia is not unique, as a matter of fact, it is just one of the systems out there that do the same, although it is the most popular.


When you say Wiki, you are more pertaining to the system wherein the users or volunteers can add up or modify any of the words posted in a certain entry. In this way, important information about a certain celebrity, landmark, etc. can be recorded as quickly as possible due to the large number of volunteers all over the world. The disadvantage however is that, the chances of vandalism are very high, leading to misinformation hosted. The volunteers must act quickly whenever vandalism happens. All they have to do is to activate the versioning system which enables it to reverse whatever vandals made on that certain topic. That’s why regular check-up of the page is highly recommended. Some wikis also make the administrator give out control on how people can edit those posted entries, such as having only the members the power to edit, etc.


Wikipedia is the most popular Wiki to date. The name is driven from a combination of two words namely, Wiki and Encyclopedia. It also provides about any information you would need. Compared to most wikis, Wikipedia has a more open policy wherein anyone can edit information about it. But the great number of people who maintains or protects a certain page corrects any possible vandals seen.

Brief Summary:

-Wiki is a type of website while Wikipedia is also a website but follows the format of that of Wiki.

-The most popular Wiki in the whole world is Wikipedia.

-Information stored on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone unlike some Wikis wherein the administrator sets controls on the people who can edit it.

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