Windows 7 Starter vs. Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

Difference Between Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Microsoft has recently developed two operating systems…

Difference Between Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

Microsoft has recently developed two operating systems after Windows Vista, namely Windows 7 starter and Windows 7 Home Premium. There are quite a few differences between the two and we intend to help you in understanding those differences.

Windows 7 starter edition is the fourth edition of Windows while Home premium is the latest of them all. Other editions are Basic, Ultimate and professional. This is specially designed for netbook computers and it cannot be installed on the standard computers. This is available only as an upgrade on netbooks like HP Mini 110 and Dell Inspiron Mini 10v.

This is a lower version of Windows and does not have the aero glass feature and allows you to get just the basic view. You do not get aero peak and task bar previews, personalization of window colors and sound schemes and you also cannot customize the desktop background. If you want to switch then you need to log off in this version.

It also misses on following features:

  • DVD playback
  • multi-monitor support
  • domain support for customers
  • windows media center
  • Remote streaming of media including videos, music and recorded TV.

In spite of absence of the above mentioned features and applications it is a good operating system for netbooks because most of us use netbooks only for common purposes like net surfing, accessing emails etc. You can easily upgrade from XP to Windows 7 in your netbook because this upgrade is very cheap.

Windows 7 Home Premium can be sued for creating home network and you can easily share photos, videos and music. It also supports Windows Media Center which allows you to watch internet TV. It is the improved version of the starter edition. Y can create Homegrop which allows you to connect many PCs to one common printer.

Some of the major differences between Starter Edition and Home Premium are:

  1. Starter edition misses on Aero Glass, taskbar preview, color options etc but Home Premium supports all of these.
  2. Starter Edition also does not support DVD playback while Home premium does.
  3. Starter edition does not have Homegroup feature while Home premium has.
  4. Starter Edition does not allow users to run programs designed for windows XP but Home premium can do that by supporting XP mode.

Home premium allows you to watch internet TV but Starter edition does not.


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