Wolf vs. Coyote

Difference between acWolf and a Coyote Part of the Canine family, wolves and coyotes are animals and mostly…

Difference between acWolf and a Coyote

Part of the Canine family, wolves and coyotes are animals and mostly found in the America. These can be traced in as wolf subspecies in Africa and Eurasia. These can be termed as distant cousins which share similarities yet are different. Both of these are non confrontational species. Wolves cannot be domestic but coyotes show inclination towards human. Yet, it is advised to not make any of these habituated. Both of these are monogamous.  Coyote pairs break up after several years but continue living in the same pack.

Canis lupus or wolf is inhabitant of mostly Northern parts of Africa along with Eurasia and Africa. Wolves are the largest member of the Canidae family. Mostly they have grey, black or white furry appearance. Weighing around 26-80 kilos, these feed on moose, elk, caribou, goats and sheep and hunt in pack. There has been a noticeable behavioral change. They have become bolder and are not any more their usual shy and secretive self.

Coyotes are smaller than wolves and weigh about 9 to 23 kilograms. Their fur is tawny grey in color. They hunt in pairs and found in Central and North America. They feed on smaller creatures such as rodent. Their diet pattern is versatile. These are also shy but opportunistic and intelligent. They tend to befriend humans but it is not advised to domesticate them.

Wolves can turn hostile to coyotes. When there is scarcity of food, they attack coyotes and prey on coyote pups. Scientists have also reported the cases of interbreeding between coyotes and wolves. They have also found out similar DNA characteristics between wolves and coyotes. Both of them are very popular with teenagers, yet they need to be very careful while dealing with them as these are after all wild creatures and can harm them.


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