Difference Between and The internet is a magical place where everything but everything is usually found,…

Difference Between and

The internet is a magical place where everything but everything is usually found, even if no one wants to find it. For businesses that rely on the search engine results, the need of a great search engine is a necessity. Without the proper use of a search engine businesses will not be noticeable, and search results will be inaccurate. A great search engine is able to visit popular websites based on rankings and popularity. Yahoo is listed as one of the most popular search engines on the web. One version of Yahoo is the commercial version and the other one version of Yahoo is used by individuals who lives in another country.

For instance, is an international browser, and all search results will reflect this. It will list results from other countries as well as from the United States. The two-digit display at the end of the domain name tells what country the user is from. For someone who is lives in India, Asia or some other country, conducts a search their Yahoo browser will probably say The difference can be seen in the search results when either one is used. Typing in the same words in each one will probably not get the user the same result, but rather results that are popular according to the ranking of the search engine.

However, there is no technical difference between these two search engines. The only noticeable difference is that is the commercial version, which is quite popular. is another of Yahoo that is used in another country; users have the same browsing experience. They have access to fast, accurate, and safe browsing on the internet. The user results will vary slightly depending on what part of the country they live in.


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